Why the iPhone 8 Will Probably Have 3 Gigs of RAM

Many iPhone enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting the release of Apple’s latest and greatest – the iPhone 8.  Hard to believe that we are up to the 8th Apple smartphone!.

Word on the street is that the newest device in the Apple iPhone lineup will not see an increase in the amount of RAM from the iPhone 7, sticking with the current amount which is 3 Gigs of RAM.

The reason? Most likely the price of mobile DRAM.  It is simply more expensive than it used to be and smartphone manufacturers are forced to make some tough decisions on just how to keep costs of their phones down.

Chip supply is also an issue.   When demand exceeds supply, prices inherently go up.  That is why it is believed by many “in the know” that the upcoming iPhones will not have more than 3 gig of RAM, with 4 gig RAM models expected in 2018.

Things could change, but for now it appears the trend is to keep RAM levels about the same as earlier models.   This may be one reason the recently-released Samsung Galaxy S8 did not see an increase in its RAM.

We still wouldn’t count a RAM raise out for now, but even if the iPhone 8 does have ‘only’ 3GB that shouldn’t be a problem, since Apple’s handsets are consistently among the best performing regardless of on-paper specs.


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