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Apple computers are some of the best engineered products in the world, so when it comes to repair, don’t trust yourself to start messing around trying to fix it Apple has stringent requirements on who they allow to fix their Macbooks and it takes alot of time and effort for Apple to recognize a technician that is Apple certified.

There are many repair shops around that “say” they can fix Apple Macbooks, but buyer beware. We have fixed more than a few Macbooks and Apple computers that were trusted to technicians that were not certified by Apple to do so.

Before you select the local computer repair shop to fix your Macbook, be sure to ask these questions.

1) Are you Apple certified to fix my Macbook? This question should go without saying, but many people believe that an Apple computer is just like any other. No so. Be sure you request to see a certification in writing from Apple that they technician that will work on your computer will be the one fixing it.

2) How much experience do you have fixing Apple laptop computers?? The longer a technician has been certified by Apple the better. Go with experience first after you determine the Apple certification is valid.

3) What is the typical cost to fix my Macbook? Prices will vary from shop to shop, so be sure you choose a repair shop that is not “sneaky” in how they present prices to you. At Phontronics Schaumburg we post prices right on our website, and diagnostics are always free. We do not charge for identifying the problem. Once we determine what the problem is, we can then give our customer a fair price to get the Macbook back to working correctly.

We hope these tips will help guide you when looking for a reputable Mac Certified Repair shop! When looking for Apple Macbook and Macbook Air repair, Call the experts at Phontronics!

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