Samsung Galaxy S9: Let the Rumors Begin!

Technology is a fickle thing. Some consumers never seem to be satisfied with what is available NOW. On the contrary, many are always looking over the technological horizon to see what the NEXT new and improved gadget will be. That is the case now with the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s latest and hottest device to date. So why concentrate on the Galaxy S8 when we can speculate and ponder about what Samsung’s S9 will bring? More fun right?.

Alas, even though the Galaxy S8 is just being released to the public and hitting store shelves, rumors are now swirling as to what its successor, the Galaxy S9, will bring to the table. Granted, this is only speculation, but there are some “facts” milling about on what the S9 may bring to consumers.

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A Korean publication has reportedly leaked the code name of the S9 development – Star, with the larger version of the phone code-named Star 2. Not too big of a stretch there! The report suggests that the development of the S9 started earlier than the S8. This could imply a few things: its new features and technologies were anticipated to take longer to develop, or Samsung is simply looking at an earlier release date in 2018. And again, this is only speculation as there have been no definitive confirmations to these “rumors”.

It’s speculated the chip will be called the Snapdragon 845, and the two companies are developing it right now.

The Galaxy S8 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, so it makes sense that Samsung will continue this relationship on with Qualcomm on moving forward with more advanced Snapdragon processors.

Little, if anything, more is known about the Galaxy S9 for now. You should see tidbits of information leaked over the next 6 months as Samsung gets ready to unveil its latest creation in cell phone technology. And as soon as the S9 is announced you can bet that will be old news and talk of the Galaxy S10 will begin. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Until then, grab a Galaxy S8. It’s a terrific phone and will serve you well until its successor takes over the internet-sphere.

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