Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Plus Review

Samsung did not have a good year in 2016 with all of the bad publicity it received with its Samsung 7 phone battery exploding on more than a few occasions. That disaster led to the recall of the popular smartphone.

So when it comes to rolling out the Samsung Galaxy 8, the company is under more than a little pressure to get it right this time. The last thing they want is the Samsung 8 to have the issues the 7 experienced. That would be an absolute disaster for the company. Consumers tend to have short memories when it comes to bad news. Many fans of Samsung Android smartphones are anxiously waiting to see if the fact that the Samsung 7 could explode at any minute are a thing of the past.

It appears that Samsung is making things right again with the release of the Galaxy S8 and 8 plus smartphones.

So how does the Samsung Galaxy measure up? Here are a few things that make this phone a worthwhile investigation in your next smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy 8 Look and Feel

The company has made a conscious effort with the new Galaxy to part ways with lighter, less “cool”, plastic bodied smartphones. We have to say that the look and feel of the new Galaxy 8 is pretty amazing. Its aluminum and glass enclosure has shades of the “Apple look”, although Apple always seems to win the “cool” wars every time.

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The Galaxy S8 is clearly trying to compete with Apple’s look and coolness factor of the iPhone design, although time will tell whether the phone will turn out to be more fragile than they expected with daily use. One thing we did notice however that, as cool as the Galaxy 8 looks, fingerprints and smudges will be a constant factor in its look. The thing attracts them like the plague.

At times the phone seems a little “slippery”, and that may be a negative for some consumers. The phone is designed with the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device, which is a little puzzling and may turn off other consumers as well. For others, this fact will make little difference.  Many LG users are used to having the power and volume buttons accessed on the back of the phone, so this may just be a moot point.

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The problem lies in the fact that the fingerprint scanner is located near the lense of the camera. And we all know not to get our dirty little fingers all over a camera lense.  This is the result of a larger screen, taller and more narrow than the S7. It actually does make using one hand on the phone easier than ever before.

Samsung Galaxy 8 Screen

The Galaxy 8 boasts a 5.8 inch screen. From the looks of it, it appears to be one of the best smartphone screens we have ever seen. Colors are crisp and vivid, and along with contrast are all elements that just keep getting better and better with each new Samsung release.

The HOME button is included as part of the screen itself, rather than having the button be situated below the screen.
While text-based information looks awesome on this phone, the smaller bevel of the Galaxy 8 may present problems for some videos, games, and apps to take advantage of the entire screen. Apps will need to be adjusted as a result.
Samsung will no doubt be feverishly working with App develops to accommodate this change in design.

The Samsung Galaxy 8 Camera

Surprisingly, the camera on the rear of the S8 boasts the same megapixels as the S7 – 12 megapixels. It does not contain a dual lense as has been the trend among phone manufacturers. The front camera has been increased to 8 megapixels from the S7’s 5 megapixels.

You can adjust settings and shutter speeds in “pro mode” for those that want complete control over the photos they take with the phone. Photos are terrific, sharp, crisp and they are rich in color. There is a “selective focus” feature that allows for the photographer to focus on a single subject while leaving the background of the photo blurry. Pretty cool for a cell phone wouldn’t you say?.

Samsung is staying neck and neck with other manufacturers when it comes to photos that are produced by their products. Even low light photos come out excellent in quality.

And if you are worried about “lag” that has plagued smartphone cameras of the past, don’t worry. The S8 camera is as fast as they come.


Want video? You get 4K video with the Samsung S8 and 1080p video quality. This will no doubt become the norm for smartphone video going forward, but it is nice to see it on the S8. The video quality is indeed excellent. No other manufacturer can beat Samsung at this point in time for producing the highest video quality from a smartphone.

There is also a pretty nifty feature on the phone that Amazon will absolutely love. Call Bixby Photo, it allows for users to take a photo of a product then shop for that same product online. The phone can also translate text from a photo!.

Galaxy 8 Performance and Usability Factors

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor installed – the first smartphone in the U.S. to contain this internal chip. As one would expect, performance – especially for graphics – is outstanding. Because of technological advances from one phone to the next, it is silly to even try to compare this new phone with older models. There really is no comparison.

Reliability and data speeds will no doubt be better than ever, no matter which country the phone is being used.

The phone runs Android 7.0 Nougat OS, but Samsung has been able to add put its own flavor to the operating system.

Screen functionality is superb, and appears to be vastly improved over page Samsung Galaxy models. The phone can be customized to satisfy just about any fussy user. One can unlock the phone using the fingerprint, iris, or face recognition software included on the device.

The button on the left side is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Siri – Bixby is the voice assistant on this phone. The goal is for Bixby to out rival Apple and Google voice recognition. Good luck with that!.

64 gigabytes of memory is standard on the Galaxy S8, of which it can be expanded using the micro SD slot.


Now to address the issue everyone has been waiting for, the battery.  There is little doubt that Samsung put its best engineers to work on the Galaxy 8 battery design. After 2.5 million S7’s were recalled, they certainly will want to avoid that issue in this release. That is the problem that companies currently however. Shoving longer battery life into smaller and smaller spaces is a terrific challenge.

In Conclusion

After the debacle of the exploding batteries of the S7, one would think that Samsung would roll over and cry “Uncle!” On the contrary. The release of the S8 shows that they are still on the cutting edge of releasing phones that are sleek and perform magnificently. Many aspects of the S8 are improved over the S7, including the fidelity of phone calls, the built-in speaker quality, and even the range of the Bluetooth signal.

All in all, the Galaxy S8 Edge and S8 Plus are definitely worth the time to take a test drive. If you are an avid Apple iPhone user, you probably won’t waste your time messing around with an Android device. But those that enjoyed earlier versions of the Galaxy phones be Samsung are in for a real treat with this new one.


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