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Virtual Reality Coming to a Mac Near You

Virtual reality will soon become the next big thing in computing and Apple is wasting no time getting ahead of the curve. The company has announced that its new Mac laptops and desktops will support external graphics hardware. This will make the Mac line of machines have the capability of greatly increasing its graphic capabilities for users.

External graphics hardware will enable Mac computer to support virtual reality headsets. Virtual reality requires high-end graphics capabilities of which third-party vendors will be able to bring to the Mac experience. In the past, virtually reality headsets have only supported by Windows PCs. If you want to wait for a Mac machine to have virtually reality built-in, the newly announced iMac Pro will suit your needs perfectly – albeit a heft price tag of $4,999. That is alot of horsepower!

Test kits will soon be available for MacOS developers. The kit includes an AMD Radeon RX 580 card and a USB-C hub coupled with a Thunderbolt 3 connector. That should be enough for developers who want to try their hand at building games and apps that take advantage of virtual reality.

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