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ATT & Verizon Fail to Capitalize on Samsung Galaxy 8 Rollout

As Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 was rolled out to the public, wireless carriers are all over the map with the promotions they are offering with Samsung’s new flagship mobile device. AT&T and Verizon may have missed a terrific opportunity in getting new customers using promotions that are compelling.

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T-Mobile and Sprint rushed to be first in line in capitalizing on the launch of the Galaxy S8 by offering a “buy one, get one” promotion, the former in conjunction with Samsung, while the latter chose to run the promotion on their own. As a result of this action, the smaller carriers have a better chance than the giant behemoth wireless carriers to gain new customers to add to their base. So exactly why did the major wireless carriers fail to capitalize on what may be the biggest launch of a wireless phone in 2017? Only marketing Executives with the companies may know for sure.

Both ATT and Verizon offered “trade-in” offers, luring consumers with either a lower monthly cost or a substantial reduction of the price of the phone. The comparatively weaker promotions by industry leaders resulted in similar sales results as the Samsung S7. On the flipside, Sprint showed a 30% increase in sales due to its more compelling offers for the phone. T-Mobile’s Galaxy 8 promotions resulted in a 15% drop in sales for the new device versus the Galaxy S7.

With the amount of new and improved devices hitting the market are slowing, ATT and Verizon have chances to make inroads in customers with new phones being rolled out by Moto and LG later this year.

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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy 8 Phones Now Available for Pre-Ordering

There is nothing worse for consumers of smartphones than to be locked into a wireless carrier after spending a small fortune for a new model.  That is why Samsung’s decision to ship unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones is a good idea for the company.

Samsung is allowing consumers to put their money down on the new Galaxy phones as early as May 31st, 2017.  This time frame falls roughly one month earlier than the release of previous Samsung phones.

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Pricing for the new Samsung model start at around $725 for the 64gb unlocked S8 and $825 for the S8 Plus unlocked model. You won’t find the S8 Samsung much cheaper than this unfortunately.  The option of purchasing the phone through ATT or Verizon will most likely get you alot of free stuff on a payment plan, but over time you will pay more for the phone itself.

You do, however, get the added benefit of a unit without any of the carrier bloatware we’ve become accustomed to with Samsung devices in the past.

So get out your wallet now if you want to take advantage of the unlocked Galaxy phones at a low price.


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