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New Surface Pro by Microsoft is a Winner | Video

Microsoft unveiled an updated Surface Pro today at an event in Shanghai, China. The new and improved Surface Pro comes on the heels of the Surface Laptop, also recently unveiled by Microsoft. The company now has a trio of portable Surface machines. Each have their strengths and weakness, but this new machine brings the most value and overshadows others in the Surface Pro line of products by Microsoft.

From the outside, the machines look pretty much identical. Inside however, there are a number of improvements and enhancements the company has achieved with this new model. As with previous Surface portables, this one comes with Intel Core processors (7th generation) which makes it faster than other models in the Surface Pro line. Not only has speed been increased, but Microsoft has managed to improve battery life by about 50 % – a whopping 13.5 hour battery life before needing a charge!

It was Microsoft’s goal in this new machine to help its users not only increase productivity, but creativity as well.

The original Surface Pro was the pioneer in the hybrid concept of portables. The new Surface Pro reaches new heights and sets a standard for being the most versatile laptop in the marketplace. This machine is a very powerful PC, but is so quiet and light that using it as purely a tablet is pure delight.

What sets this machine apart from others is the balance Microsoft has achieved between versatility, power, and price. The Surface Pro starts at just $799, and comes shipped with Windows 10 Creators Update already installed.

Microsoft has got a winner with the new Surface Pro. If you are unfamiliar with the Surface Pro line of products by Microsoft, this one is definitely worth taking a serious test-drive. Avaliable June 15th, 2017

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