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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Realize Your iPhone Knows About You

The new Face ID recognition system on the new Apple iPhone has sparked debate about just how much freedom we give our electronic devices to compile data about us.

But what many people don’t know is the vast amount of data Apple is, and has been, acquiring since you purchased your first Apple iPhone.

Yep. There are most likely a slew of things you didn’t know your iPhone knows about you. Here are just a few.

Exactly Where You Have Been

You’ll find the most alarming areas of your iPhone’s intrusion into your life, deep inside the Settings Menu. Go to your settings menu, then to Privacy, then to Location Services. Most everyone has this feature enable to “On”, mainly because many of the apps we use daily need to know our location (ex. Strava, GPS, etc.) to function properly.

Once inside, scroll down to System Services, then to Frequent Locations menu. You’ll see where you’ve been lately. This is how Google can know the hourly foot traffic of a business when you search on Google Maps. Yep, Google knows everything about you as well!

To stop your phone from tracking every movement you make, simply toggle Location Services to the “off” position. At some point however, you are going to need to turn it back on however. The most paranoid among us can keep this feature disabled indefinitely.
Photography Locations

Geo-Locations of Photos

Did you know that your iPhone knows the location of every photo you’ve ever taken? It does. Every photo taken from your phone carries with it location data. You can actually filter your photos by location. To turn this feature off, go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services, then Camera and select “never”. This will stop your iPhone from recording the location of your photo taking.

You can actually filter your photos by location. To turn this feature off, go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services, then Camera and select “never”. This will stop your iPhone from recording the location of your photo taking.

Deleted Photos

Rule # 1 in the land of cyberspace is: Don’t ever assume anything is completely “deleted”. You may have taken photos on your iPhone that you thought were gone forever. That may not be the case however. There is a way to reclaim old photos using

There is a way to reclaim old photos using software. Law enforcement has actually done this to make arrests after finding photos the owner thought were deleted.

Siri Knows

Siri, that sometimes annoying voice assistant created by Apple, does not forget what you have said to her. Apple has admitted that Siri stores everything you have said to her for a full two years. Apple claims that they need Siri to remember your requests so they can “improve” her. They claim that after 6 months, the data is made anonymous. Yea, right!.

Your Every Move

If you have not disabled Apple’s Motion and Fitness setting by now, Apple knows and has a record of every step you have taken. This is how apps like “Fitness Pal” can track the amount of steps you have taken during your daily routine. To disable this, go to Setting, Privacy,

To disable this, go to Setting, Privacy, Motion and Fitness.

A New Brave World

The amount of data that you iPhone is tracking and recording can be overwhelming, but most of us have accepted the fact that large corporations now know more about ourselves than we do. George Orwell was certainly onto something when he wrote 1984. Let’s just hope the future does not allow machines to take over the human race by becoming smarter.

Let’s just hope the future does not allow machines to take over the human race by becoming smarter that their maker.  If that becomes reality one day, the only thing we can blame is ourselves.


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The iPhone Turns 10 Years Old This Month

It is hard to believe, but the Apple iPhone turns 10 years old this week. After a rough start at birth, the device has changed the world in just 10 short years. What will it look like in another 10 years?

June 29th, 2007 was the official birthdate of the original iPhone. Since then, Apple has racked up sales of more than 1 billion (yes, with a B!) smartphones. That’s ALOT of phones.

Ironically, early sales of the device were slow. Apple was forced to slash prices during the 2007 Christmas season to help spur on sales.

Few people remember the first year of the Apple iPhone beginnings, but many in business consider that first 12 months to be a complete disaster for the revolutionary product. The first iPhone had no app store, and ATT was the only carrier for consumers at the time. As Apple always seems to do, they “figured it out” in a short time and the rest is history. Had you invested $10,000 in Apple stock in 2007, you’d be sitting on a pile of cash now that would make your head spin.

The Apple iPhone was so revolutionary at the time, even its suppliers were a little surprised. But judging from the success of earlier Apple products, one should know not to ever doubt the pure genius of Steve Jobs.

Once the App Store was introduced in 2008, the iPhone was well on its way to being one of the most popular electronic devices in history. The App Store provided just one more revenue stream for the company, taking a cut of every app sold in the marketplace.

Fast forward to today, the App Store brings in over $24 billion in annual revenue!

10 years after the initial iPhone was introduced, Apple fans now look to the latest roll out, the iPhone 8, expected to hit stores in the fall of 2017.

No one knows for sure just what the iPhone 8 will bring, but its a good bet that there will be enough intrigue in the new device to help Apple stock reach new highs in the coming years. Many consumers still use the iPhone 5 and 6. There is no doubt that the iPhone 8 will entice many to take the plunge and upgrade.

Android is still the smartphone of choice for consumers around the world, but its the iPhone that generates the most profit in the industry. Apple has always been able to set high prices for its products, of which its super loyal fan base will gladly pay to use its products.

Steve Jobs, if alive today, would be proud. His products over the last 30 years have literally changed the world, and more importantly changed the way we think about the telephone. No one would have imagined that just 10 years ago we would use our phones for virtually everything from taking pictures and video, surfing the internet, checking weather radar or the stock market, “face timing”, and relying on our phones for doing just about anything we want through the use of a free or almost-free “app”.

No one but Steve Jobs that is! Happy 10th anniversary iPhone!

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