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The Top 10 Cheapest Places to Buy an Apple iPhone 7

Apple has amassed an enormous amount of cash, probably more than any U.S. corporation in history.  Apple’s cash hoard now amounts to about $256 billion dollars – more than the GDP of many countries!  This can be attributed mainly to the amount of money Apple has made on the iPhone.

The iPod started the huge flow of cash (and profits) for Apple, but nothing has brought more money as quickly to an American corporation as the iPhone has to Apple.   Had you purchased $10,000 of stock in Apple when the iPod was introduced in 2001, you would be a millionaire today.  Let that sink in for just a moment. 🙂

So if you are thinking about either moving to an iPhone from an Android smart phone, or if you are upgrading an earlier iPhone to the iPhone 7 or 8, plan on forking over some serious cash to the Apple coffers,  depending on what country you live in.

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The cost of an iPhone varies considerably from country to country.  Deutsche Bank has released a list of just how much an iPhone 7 will set you back in 33 different countries around the world.

The variations in price are due to a number of factors including tax laws, currency valuations, and even the political climate of the country in question.

We have listed the top 10 countries below where an iPhone is the cheapest.  Consider yourself lucky if you live in any of these countries!

United States – $815
Japan – $815
Hong Kong – $821
Malaysia – $846
Canada – $855
Singapore – $874
Philippines – $885
Switzerland – $886
United Kingdom – $898
China – $899

Want to know the top 10 most expensive countries to purchase an iPhone?   Those are listed below!

Turkey – $1,200
Brazil – $1,115
Russia – $1,086
Greece – $1,028
Poland – $1,005
Italy  – $995
Czech Republic – $994
Norway – $993
Denmark – $986
Sweden – $982


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