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Amazon Echo May Soon Have a Built-In Screen

Everyone seems to love the Amazon Echo, but we soon could see a new addition to the Echo family.

Rumors abound that Amazon will soon reveal a new device that contains a built-in screen. This deduction comes from the fact that Amazon recently introduced what is called the “Echo Look”, a smart speaker that contains an onboard camera.

The apparent goal is to stay one step ahead of Google.  Amazon has taken notice after Google unveiled a set of Home speakers that can identify multiple users.  This is a feature that the Amazon Echo does not possess at this time.

So now the battle is on from tech companies like Google and Amazon, a battle that will seek to dominate your home and its connected devices. Amazon enjoyed a head start in getting into consumers’ homes with its Alexa voice-enabled assistant, but Google is not sitting on its hands either with the introduction of a Home speaker that is “smart”.

As with any new technology, the key is to be first and to dominate with products that consumers eventually “can’t live without”.   The Apple iPhone is one good example!

If the rumors are accurate and Amazon can penetrate the home market with an Echo that features a screen that can easily facilitate online shopping and video chat, they could be on the cusp of having an in-home technological device that is a must-have for every household.

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And with the success of Amazon’s Echo, there is no doubt the fight will be a fierce one.  Consumer Intelligence Research Partners recently reported that Amazon sold a whopping 8 million Echo devices since it was first launched.

And you can bet that Apple is working on its own answer to the smart home assistant as well.

An Echo with a screen has been bounced around by the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg since last November. If these reports are accurate, the device has been code-named “Knight”.

A voice assistant that features a screen is the logical progression for this type of technology, and Amazon is smart in pursuing it.  A screen can allow for more complex commands that a user and quickly navigate through.  Marrying voice commands with on-screen capability is the next step in arming a truly “smart home”.  For example, voice shopping on the Echo today often requires users to wait and listen to multiple choices, but a screen could present those options all at once.

A screen helps cut down on the misunderstanding between the user’s query (i.e. the voice) and the executed command.  Visuals along with audio will always be superior to audio alone.
As time goes on you should see a complete engagement of on-screen commands powered by audio commands.   And when artificial intelligence hits these types of device, they truly will change the world.

Isn’t it a wonderful world we live in?  Never a dull moment!


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