After 20 Years of Simple, Google’s Home Page is About to Change

Hard to believe it has been only 20 years since Google was founded.

What on earth did we do before being able to search Google for just about anything imaginable?

Since the beginning Google’s homepage has been as simple as can be, basically a web page with a Google logo and a search bar. The look and feel of the Google home page has not changed in over 20 years. That is all about to change.

Google will soon be making some changes to its home page – including adding a news -feed to its previously minimalistic look and feel.

As with most tech companies, Google is dipping its toe in the “advanced machine learning algorithms” that will become commonplace in the very near future. The home page will use these algorithms to help customize the feeds supplied to it.

You will soon see all sorts of different things at the Google home page including trending news, sports highlights, videos, stories, etc. It will contain information that is not only of interest to you, the Google user, but also what is trending to you locally and around the world.

Even though Google is not considered a “news site”, it does want to be your source for news – and it will be customizing that news for you showing you the exact types of stories and content that interest you.    Since Google does collect data on just about everything you do, it knows you pretty well what you like and don’t like, and that helps personalize what the page will serve up for you.

No exact time frame has been set for rolling out this new format for desktop users, but Android and iOS users are already seeing the changes on their mobile devices.

Some users may find it difficult to get used to the new Google home page, especially after 20 years of knowing exactly what to expect when visiting its search engine. But with progress comes change, and the advent of deep learning technologies should usher in all sorts of wonderful (and perhaps not so wonderful) things in the coming years.


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