A Laptop That Charges Wirelessly? Well, Kind of….

The introduction of “laptop” computers changed the way people worked. No longer were they tied down to a desktop computer. The laptop allows the freedom to go anywhere and work anywhere. But if you have ever been in an airport desperately searching for a plug to charge that darn laptop, you know it is only limited by the length of its power supply.

So when Dell recently introduced a “wireless” laptop charging port, it raised more than a few eyebrows. What good is the freedom of a laptop if you are constantly looking for a plug to charge it?

Disconnecting the laptop from its charging cord is the last frontier in computing freedom, and Dell’s new Latitude 7285 model may be the breakthrough that laptop users across the world have been waiting for.

Dell touts the new machine as the the world’s first laptop that contains wireless charging capabilities. Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

Don’t get too excited just yet. Even though, technically, the machine can get a wireless charge, the charging mat that powers it does have to be connected to a power outlet.  In reality, you still need to be relatively close to the power source, just not tethered by a cord.

So rather than plugging your computer in directly to an outlet when it needs to be charged, you can simply place it directly on the charging “mat”.

But is Dell really onto something here? As far as cost goes, probably not. The laptop comes in at around $1200 – but the wireless keyboard and charging mat will set you back another $550! That’s alot of money for simply getting rid of a power cord.

Nice try Dell.

Let us know when you invent a laptop that charges via a WiFi connection. Now that would be revolutionary!


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