9 Tips to Help Extend the Life of Your Laptop Computer

A laptop can be a hefty investment so properly maintaining it to ensure it lasts as long as possible should be a top priority for you. Whether you bought your computer from a pawn shop or an Certified Apple repair store, keeping your laptop in tiptop condition can depend on even the most simple maintenance procedures. These simple things can increase the longevity of your laptop and ultimately save you big bucks in the process. It is easy to become lax when it comes to proper maintenance of your laptop computer, so here are a few simple things you can do to expand its lifetime.

1) Be certain your laptop is locked when not in use. You want the data on your laptop to stay private so locking your computer is important. To lock it, press the Windows Key + L at the same time. Your Windows computer will immediately logout, prompting a password to be entered to unlock it again. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to return to the screen where a password is required.

2) Maintain and clean the vents on your laptop or Apple Macbook. This is one area that is often overlooked by laptop users. It is a good idea to periodically (one or two times per month) check and clean the vents on your laptop. They are easy to clean with a compressed can of air available at any office supply or computer store. Blowing our your computer vents once per month will keep them clean and free of dust and dirt.

3.) Maintain your computer’s cooling fan. A laptop computer generates heat and heat needs to be removed from the laptop’s motherboard to prevent overheating. This is accomplished by the computer’s fan. It runs constantly even though you may have never noticed it. If your fan gets dirty and clogged, it may begin to make noise and it’s cooling ability will be significantly diminished. If you are certain that your fan has stopped working, replace it with a new one as soon as possible. Heat is the enemy of motherboards and graphics cards so ignoring an overheated laptop is a recipe for disaster.

4.) Do not use your laptop on a blanket, or bedspread. Use an exterior cooling device as well. 5) Avoiding soft spots – This is a problem that is quite common for many people, if you are just sitting around on the couch you might prop your laptop up on a pillow on your lap.

5) Transport and store your laptop properly. Most laptops can take a little beating, but you want to be sure that you have a well designed laptop bag to store and transport the device. Don’t just carry it around under your arm like a book. Spend a little money to get a bag that looks nice and protects at the same time. You spent good money on your machine, so a good laptop bag will protect your investment more than anything.

6.) Keep all liquids far away from your laptop keyboard. We have all had the desire to set a cup of coffee or cold drink so we can easily reach it as we work. Don’t do it! It takes just one second to spill liquids into your laptop keyboard and destroying not only the machine but all the work and data that you have stored on it. Keep drinks at least 4-5 feet away from where you work.

7.) Avoid excessive humidity when working with your laptop. Any type of liquid – including humidity – can damage the internet motherboard of your machine. Not that you will be working in a sauna anytime soon, but keep in mind when working outside that humidity can affect the performance of your computer over time. If you live in humid climates, work indoors as much as you can.

8.) Keep your laptop off the floor. Setting your laptop – open or closed – on the floor may seem convenient at the time but you should avoid it if you can. Murphy’s law states that is something can go wrong, it will. As soon as you place your laptop on the floor, that is an invitation for a child to step on it.

9.) Use a surge protector as much as possible. Surge protectors should be standard fare for all electronics but few of us adhere to this rule. Surge protectors will save your computer if there is an electrical surge. Always use a surge protector when there are storms within the area you are working. Do not tempt fate and risk your computer laptop frying from an electrical surge. Taking simple precautions to protect your laptop can mean the difference between a machine that works for a maximum number of years, or one that stops functioning prematurely.

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